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Consignment: “to give over to another’s care, typically for resale” Consignment doesn’t necessarily mean “used”, but it does mean great merchandise at lower than retail prices.

How to begin Consigning:
For those interested in consigning, but unsure of how to begin, the following might help you get a few things together and get started. As the consignor, you need to prepare your items for consignment so that you get the most out of your experience.

First-timers should bring no more than 10 items to keep the initial meeting short. The person accepting your consignment will look over each piece for “sale-ability.” Don’t go in expecting all your items to be accepted for consignment. We will accept for sale what our clientele will buy. We know what has “sale-ability” in our shop and what does not – Please see Wanted page.

We accept current styles for consignment. Trendy merchandise that is more than two-years old may not be in style and, therefore, not accepted for consignment. Traditional items will have a longer selling life. Use your best judgment when selecting items for consignment.

Cleanliness of your items is a MUST. Required dry-cleaning will depend on the item. Outerwear/Prom Dresses/Vintage clothing are items that require dry cleaning, please ask for more direction on this topic.

Original price tags and cleaning tags should be left on the items when possible. Clothing should be pressed, and brought in folded neatly in a bag or box, to keep them wrinkle free.

Consign seasonally. Your plan as a consignor is to get to the best selling price for your merchandise. For instance, coats don’t sell well in June and sandals don’t sell well in November. That’s all there is to it. It’s that easy.